Enduro Practice days 

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Bring your own bike and practice on our enduro course. Its fast flowing, technical and has something for both beginner or expert, see event dates page for details

Venue hire


Hire out our venue to hold your own enduro days. Whether its for a play day or a group practice session this is the ideal venue

Enduro Training 


We offer one-to-one or group enduro training sessions for enduro and cater to all abilities, whether you have never ridden before or just want to polish up your skills

Enduro Races


We offer the perfect location to hold your enduro event. We have it all from easy to extreme

Enduro Training with us

Parkwood is proud to be able to offer training with the SuperEnduro Junior World Champion, our own Parkwood team member, William Hoare.


After taking the title, a full round before the end of the season, William has a vast amount of experience in the enduro world!


Training is done as one-to-one sessions, or in small groups to ensure you maximise your skills and experience during your training session.


Training session dates are:

28th September

26th October


For further details on training please contact William on




William Hoare -Junior SuperEnduro World Champion 2019








Enduro practice entry requirements

No under 16s

The practice event is for all level of riders, although you must have some riding experience to be permitted to enter.

  • No noisy exhausts 94 Decibel max 

  • No pit bikes or Quads 

  • Minimum engine size 85cc 

  • Full Face Helmet 

  • Motorbike Boots 

  • Your bike must be of sound construction have working brakes & clutch, all levers must be intact, we have the right to scrutineer your bike at any time if it is considered to be unsafe you will not be permitted to ride the course.

  • Gloves and appropriate clothing must be worn. ** LONG SLEEVES MUST BE WORN** You will need mx / enduro kit, motorbike trousers and jersey.

  • Practice day entry is £35.00 per person